Product Packaging and Branding

Luxury vs Simplicity

I feel like this has become somewhat of a hot topic as of late in the small business community. Customers love how beautiful packaging is, and love doing unboxing videos. Business owners want to wow their customers with beautiful packaging but most of the time we don't have the money for it. 

For me the priority for packaging is ensuring the artwork is safe and will not get damaged during shipping, then after that I can focus on the esthetics. Does that make me a bad business owner and artist? I'm not sure. What I do focus on for branding is simple items that won't cost an arm and a leg but that make a difference.

The balance act

This whole topic is a bit of a balancing act. I worry if I make it pretty then I'll have to charge my customers even more, when in my mind they just throw it out anyways and I'd rather it save my customers money. There is a fine line on how much to spend on packaging to make it impactful vs making sure you don't go broke buying stuff. 

One thing that's been helpful has been watching YouTube videos, Pinterest and Instagram to figure out what to buy for my products. Some of the things I've done to help me with this balancing act is researching other art companies.

I've found keeping things simple work right now. Instead of buying bags with my logos on them, I purchased these little bags from Amazon and then used a stamp with my logo on it and did the work myself. For my thank you cards, I'm making them myself and adding care instructions in there. 

I'd say for business owners it's important to find something you love within your price range. Don't overspend when you're first starting out! As you grow feel free to upgrade, but as they say "Keep it simple stupid". 

Hope your day is a perfect blend of fun and excitement. Talk to you soon.


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