Why Buy Abstract Alcohol Ink Art Prints?

Buying art prints doesn't mean you don't appreciate the art any less

Here's the thing, not everyone is going to be able to buy originals. Can I buy an original Van Gough? Absolutely not. But have I purchased prints? Well of course. It's a way to support an artist, but not break the bank.

When I was in college we would go to Hot Topic, or random gift stores to get the posters we hung up. If I had known what I do now, I'd have found some artists prints to buy instead because absolutely everyone had the same art on the walls. It would of also been nice to support small businesses with buying artists prints at craft fairs, or farmers markets. My tastes have obviously changed over the years, but even back then I'd have loved to have some unique abstract prints in my apartment.

Sometimes as artists we fall so madly in love with a piece that we want to see it everywhere. It's that way with me at least with the current prints I have available. If I could have everyone see them and buy them it would be wonderful because I could spread the joy these pieces gave to me not just to one person, but to many people.

In the end it's always going to be up to you on what you buy, but does it mean you love the art any less if you buy a print? No, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Hope you have a wonderful day, it was nice chatting with you.

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