Beautiful Alcohol Ink Paintings

Art is a way to share your story with the world. I love that each piece has its own special meaning, and they've all gone off to their next adventure! The colors in my paintings are bold--trying something new or exciting can be really thrilling sometimes too; you never know what will come out until it's done painting- Catharsis comes naturally when creating art pieces like these because there isn't anything else better than getting inspired by one person (or landscape) after another while using vibrant pigments on fresh paper using alcohol inks. 


special piece sold

Number 76

Deep plumb purples with delicate blacks and greys create this alluring piece of artwork. Created utilizing the speckle technique as well as ripples, this alcohol ink piece is a star.

special piece sold

Nebula War

Out of everything I've painting this is hands down my favorite. I love the spot detailing, and the way the colors blended together so well. I made this into a print almost immediately and I have one hanging in my house.

Special Piece sold

Emerald Lover

Sometimes I create a piece and immediately it get's put in a category of "I need to make a print out of it". This was one of those. Emerald lover is an abstract painting created with alcohol inks and gold detailing. It will always be a favorite of mine.

special piece sold


Abstract painting created for a contest where you had to incorporate circles somehow. The thinking behind this piece of wall art was to use New Orleans Mardi Gras colors.