Make Your Day Less Stressful with a Few Key Tips

From one person to another, be kind to yourself

Here's the gist of it folks from me to you. In life we have many different hats to wear, it feels like we are constantly in a start up. It also seems to have gotten worse, shocker, when I became a business owner. I was searching for stress relief for entrepreneur that would work for every facet of my life. For me I'm an artist, a mother, a wife, a project manager, a designer, an accountant, a chef, a dog walker, the list goes on and on and you get my point. 

I had a little life crisis during Covid, like everyone else, and these little tips have helped me through my worst days. Now be warned, I am a project manager so checking off to do item's on my list is like a drug sometimes - but the endorphins I get are wonderful.


  1. Have a cup of coffee, or tea. Something that starts the day off right.
  2. Make a list of what needs to be that done that day. Don't go off in making lists for the week or the month, focus on the now.
  3. Now cut down that list into 5 items you can actually accomplish. I am guilty of making my to do lists of the day pages long, but again - I am not Super Woman and I can only do so much. I tell my kid this all the time, but I am not an octopus and because of that I need to pick and choose what I do.
  4. If you have zero energy make sure your tasks reflect that i.e. write emails, research hashtags. There are days I feel like being a pile of mush on the couch, but when you already have so much to do keep your list simple.
  5. Take breaks - You really need to prioritize yourself. You cannot be successful in any way shape or form if you are running yourself into the ground.

These are very high level, but really have helped me a huge amount. Like I mentioned above, it also really helps keep me in a good mental state of mind seeing the items I've written down to do checked off. I'm sure there's more psychology behind it, because when is there not, but whatever get's me through the day I'll do.

Now be kind to yourself, and I will talk to you soon.

All the best,


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